Our history is the fruit of the freshness of the wild tundra of the Arctic, but also of an ancestral know-how maintained since 1836 by the Radermacher distillery based in Raeren, Belgium.

Iced Gin is distilled from plants sourced from West Greenland near the Baffin Sea. Discovered in 1616 by William Baffin and named after him, this sea of ice is home to the polar bear, which has thrived in sub-zero temperatures for millennia. Much like the polar bear, our base of selected herbal thrives in freezing temperatures every day.

To honor the cold of the Far North, the delicate balance of our natural aromas fully delivers its freshness, purity and roundness down to -18°C. Freeze the bottle, and when the polar bear turns blue, your gin is ready to be enjoyed!

1/3 of Iced Gin, 2/3 of Tonic

Iced Gin has been specifically crafted to express its aromas in negative temperatures. As a matter of fact, our gin delivers strength and freshness in its aromas whether it’s served pure and iced, or mixed with the finesse of a premium tonic. Either way, you’ll equally enjoy the fair value of the Far North’s freshness while preserving the following ratios: 1/3 of iced gin stored at -18°C for 2/3 of tonic in your glass of gin tonic. Discover the Iced Gin experience!

Carte Arctic


The selected flavor base is certified 100% natural, without pesticides, additives or preservatives, in total respect for the environment. Indeed, we naturally distil the aromas of five plants from West Greenland such as the geum, the dwarf birch, the purple saxifrage, silenus acaulus, the polar willow, mixed with the traditional juniper berry.